Grand Theft Auto:ChinatownWars was voted the best handheld game in 2009. Grand Theft Auto was released for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP in 2009. Grand Theft Auto:ChinatownWars was a big success that Rockstar Games wanted to carry out the popular game so they decided to bring it to the iphone and ipod touch. So in January of 2010 Rockstar Games released GTA:CW for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Although GTA:CW has only been in the App Store for about a month and a half, it has already been voted one of the best games that has been released for iphone and ipod touch. GTA:CW reached rank 4 in the top 50. GTA:CW right now, is priced at 10 dollars. For the Nintendo DS it is 35 dollars and for the Sony PSP its 50 dollars. So as you can see, GTA:CW on the iPhone and iPod Touch is a great priced game.

Chinatown Wars is a shooter/crime/action game. Just like all of the other Grand Theft Auto games you are in Liberty City, one of the worst cities in the world. In the game you are Huang Lee. Huang Lee is a spoiled rich kid who always gets what he wants. For the story,  you are supposed to deliver your families sacred ancient sword to your uncle Kenny, to make sure your family keeps control of the gangs in Liberty City, but while you are on your way to give the sword to your uncle Kenny you are shot, robbed and left to die. You will search for money, honor and revenge in Liberty City the most dangerous city in the world to get the sword back for your family.

GTA:CW is an top down shooter game.There are many weapons, vehicles, and gangs to join. You can either do missions for gang members or just free roam. what i mean by free roaming is that you can do anything you want. In the game you can enable cheats. The way you enable cheats is you go to your apartment and go to the refrigerator and you rearrange the letters on the refrigerator and make the letters like the code. Just like all Grand Theft Auto games if you cause chaos the cops will come after you. You can have a 1 up to a 6 star wanted level. The higher the level of stars the more the cops will want to take you down.

Overall I would rate this game 8/10. The graphics are not the best, but the interface and realism of the game is amazing! I would recommend this game for any one who is a fan of Grand Theft Auto games. I have beaten the game twice and I still play it all the time.