Hey guys!
I was sent a promo code for Minigore HD to review! I played the game, and I am more in love with it than I am with the iPhone version!
MiniGore HD is the iPad version for one of the most popular and most addicting Dual-Stick shooters(dss) on the app store. If you don’t know what a dss is, learn from MiniGore.

The original Minigore was a hit on the app store and managed to get well over 10,000 sales.

Minigore is a survival dss, if you get hit three times you are dead. The object of the game is to survive and get the highest score. The number of kills you get you get to use as money. The money(kills) will get you characters. The most expensive character is one million kills.

There are two in-app-purchases to buy at $0.99.
One of the DLC consists of two characters:
Ganster Gore: Duel wields machine-guns
Kid Gore: John Gore as a kid

The other DLC includes three characters:
Easter bunny: John Gore with a bunny outfit
Santa Clause: Jolly old St. Nick
Zombie Gore: John Gore as a Zombie!

In total this game has fifteen playable characters.

The game has multiple fazes and bosses. There is a night and a day.
During the night, all of the furries(enemies) are on fire. While being on fire makes it easier to kill, they are also faster. Also at night, there is a boss. The wormwolf. The wormwolf is a simple relaxing enemy.

There are also weapon pickups.
The shotgun-shoots multiple shots at a semi rapid fire
The grenade launcher-shoots grenades…

There is also dual wielding, holding multiple guns.
You can dual wield any combination of weapons.

MiniGore HD is a popular success in the app store with over ? Many downloads!

I love MiniGore and how fun it is!
I would recommend MiniGore to everyone!
MiniGore HD get a 5/5 on the PerodicGames ratings!