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Monster RPG 2 Giveaway

Hello iDevice readers!

It is time  for… drum roll please… A GIVEAWAY!!!

This giveaway will have 6 winners!


1st Place: Monster RPG 2 PC/Mac CD rom

2nd-6th Place: Monster RPG 2 iPhone promo code

Now to win this giveaway, I will need you two do 3 things!

1. Follow @Bronson15 on Twitter and tweet, “@Bronson15 is hosting a giveaway on iDeviceBlog!”

2. Email me


Alright, so I will have a review of Monster RPG 2 on the site soon!



iDeviceBlog Admin

P.S. I will be updating the site a ton more now!


Dominion HD Review

Dominion HD by Chillingo is a great remake of risk for iPad!

Dominion is the app to get if you like risk.

In this game you have a single player and multiplayer!
The single player is a fun way to play against computers, while multiplayer is great to have a friend play!
Pretty much all you do is try to take over the world by using dice and defeating the people with control of that country.

If you have played Risk and love it, this is a must have app!

Sorry for the short review guys, but it will be made up soon!


Hey guys!
WiFiSync the app that let’s you sync your iPhone wirelessly is now available for $10 in the Cydia Store (Sorry non jailbroken people!)


Hey guys!
I was sent a promo code for Minigore HD to review! I played the game, and I am more in love with it than I am with the iPhone version!
MiniGore HD is the iPad version for one of the most popular and most addicting Dual-Stick shooters(dss) on the app store. If you don’t know what a dss is, learn from MiniGore.

The original Minigore was a hit on the app store and managed to get well over 10,000 sales.

Minigore is a survival dss, if you get hit three times you are dead. The object of the game is to survive and get the highest score. The number of kills you get you get to use as money. The money(kills) will get you characters. The most expensive character is one million kills.

There are two in-app-purchases to buy at $0.99.
One of the DLC consists of two characters:
Ganster Gore: Duel wields machine-guns
Kid Gore: John Gore as a kid

The other DLC includes three characters:
Easter bunny: John Gore with a bunny outfit
Santa Clause: Jolly old St. Nick
Zombie Gore: John Gore as a Zombie!

In total this game has fifteen playable characters.

The game has multiple fazes and bosses. There is a night and a day.
During the night, all of the furries(enemies) are on fire. While being on fire makes it easier to kill, they are also faster. Also at night, there is a boss. The wormwolf. The wormwolf is a simple relaxing enemy.

There are also weapon pickups.
The shotgun-shoots multiple shots at a semi rapid fire
The grenade launcher-shoots grenades…

There is also dual wielding, holding multiple guns.
You can dual wield any combination of weapons.

MiniGore HD is a popular success in the app store with over ? Many downloads!

I love MiniGore and how fun it is!
I would recommend MiniGore to everyone!
MiniGore HD get a 5/5 on the PerodicGames ratings!

Free Gameloft Games a HOAX? NEVER!!!

Gameloft Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary with Free iPhone Downloads

Join Gameloft for iPhone Happy Hour

Gameloft, a world leader in downloadable games for all platforms announced today that it would be celebrating its 10 year anniversary by giving away free iPhone games during its iPhone Happy Hour promotion.

For two hours every day, from May 10th through May 21st, with the exception of the weekend, one Gameloft iPhone/iPod Touch game will be available for free. There will be unlimited downloads allowed during the two hours. Ten different games will be given away during the promotion. The specific title and hours for the giveaway will be revealed daily on Gameloft’s Twitter feed ( The daily reveals will occur at random times so participants are encouraged to follow Gameloft on Twitter to be the first to know.

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IMO: The World of Magic update!

IMO: The world of magic came out with a new update last night! The update has so many new things to do! like…

1. There is a tutorial help guide now in the middle of town( where you spawn )

2. It is easier to rank up now 😀

3. A lot of new missions and tasks to do for people.

4. New weapons and Armour and spells!

Needless to say…what an amazing update 😀

Openfeint losing business due to Apple’s gaming network?

Don’t fear!
Openfeint will Not stop! Capcom has signed with OpenFeint! PerodicGames will also sign with OpenFeint!

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Iron Man 2 iPhone released!

For $6.99 in the US App Store, Iron Man 2 is available!
You will love it!
Review coming soon!

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Grand Theft Auto: ChinatownWars Review

Grand Theft Auto:ChinatownWars was voted the best handheld game in 2009. Grand Theft Auto was released for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP in 2009. Grand Theft Auto:ChinatownWars was a big success that Rockstar Games wanted to carry out the popular game so they decided to bring it to the iphone and ipod touch. So in January of 2010 Rockstar Games released GTA:CW for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Although GTA:CW has only been in the App Store for about a month and a half, it has already been voted one of the best games that has been released for iphone and ipod touch. GTA:CW reached rank 4 in the top 50. GTA:CW right now, is priced at 10 dollars. For the Nintendo DS it is 35 dollars and for the Sony PSP its 50 dollars. So as you can see, GTA:CW on the iPhone and iPod Touch is a great priced game.

Chinatown Wars is a shooter/crime/action game. Just like all of the other Grand Theft Auto games you are in Liberty City, one of the worst cities in the world. In the game you are Huang Lee. Huang Lee is a spoiled rich kid who always gets what he wants. For the story,  you are supposed to deliver your families sacred ancient sword to your uncle Kenny, to make sure your family keeps control of the gangs in Liberty City, but while you are on your way to give the sword to your uncle Kenny you are shot, robbed and left to die. You will search for money, honor and revenge in Liberty City the most dangerous city in the world to get the sword back for your family.

GTA:CW is an top down shooter game.There are many weapons, vehicles, and gangs to join. You can either do missions for gang members or just free roam. what i mean by free roaming is that you can do anything you want. In the game you can enable cheats. The way you enable cheats is you go to your apartment and go to the refrigerator and you rearrange the letters on the refrigerator and make the letters like the code. Just like all Grand Theft Auto games if you cause chaos the cops will come after you. You can have a 1 up to a 6 star wanted level. The higher the level of stars the more the cops will want to take you down.

Overall I would rate this game 8/10. The graphics are not the best, but the interface and realism of the game is amazing! I would recommend this game for any one who is a fan of Grand Theft Auto games. I have beaten the game twice and I still play it all the time.

Prince of Persia

Hey guys,
A new game from Gameloft has been announced! Its called Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within. It has not been released and we have not been told when it will be released but we do you know that it is in the making. Here are some screen shots. These pictures make the game look very good.